Communication Process

& Customer Interaction Orchestration!

Orchestrate business processes and design communication flows
to generate meaningful customer interactions.

Yellow Push Flows

We build and improve communication flows using our friendly builder, which allows the integration of different communications channels such as SMS, Voice and Chatbots. With Yellow Push We connect people with Organizations, by enabling the flow of information.


Orchestration Flow

A platform that allows to create and optimize interactions and processes between people and organizations via multiple communication channels. ​


Clients, employees and/or citizens

Smart tools

Directs, coordinates and executes interactions between components


Enables our platform for the decision-making process and actions during the interaction with people


Technology used to communicate with people via our platform


Any company or governmental institution that needs to interact with people

With Yellow Push you can:

   •   Visualize       Orchestrate    •    Share

Our Services

Push From start to finish

We offer multiple implementation options varying from a completely custom built and managed end-to-end application to a lower touch model where we provide a business process and customer interaction foundation for your development team.

Push Ready to use

We’ve build pre-made, process-focused communication flows which are ready to implement in an instant. Our plug-and-play solution gets your message in front of your customers fast

Push Do it yourself

Create your own business process solutions and integrate communication flows easily and intuitively with the tools on our platform. We provide the foundation to give your business a push towards efficient processes and interactions

Why Yellow Push?

Some reasons to choose Yellow Push as your omnichannel interactivity platform


Differents objects to use


 Systems to integrate


Deployed flows

Business possibilities

Omnichannel Communications

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Whatsapp [beta]
  • Facebook
  • Chatbots

Yellow Push Process tools

  • Landing pages
  • QR reader
  • Barcode reader
  • Text2speech
  • Location
  • IVR video
  • IoT
  • Interactive menus
  • Call forwarding
  • SMS interactive menus
  • Voice interactive menus
  • Databases
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