How Integrated Communications Improve Customer Experience

Integrated communications – customer communications updated in real-time across all channels, with the intent of providing a cohesive customer experience – is becoming a key element of long-term enterprise success.

Individuals, departments and teams across an organization perform a variety of functions: but all are a part of the customer experience. Customer services, logistics, sales and marketing all interact differently with the customer – but each plays a part in the complete customer experience.

And providing a consistent, omnichannel customer experience can provide an enterprise with a competitive advantage, as well as directly impacting the bottom line. A recent study found that companies with $1 billion annual earnings expect an additional $700 million within three years of investment in improving the customer experience1.

Integrated communications improve the customer experience in many ways, including:


9 of 10 customers expect a seamless experience from a brand regardless of channel – meaning they expect interactions to be connected when moving from phone, to email, to chat2. 72% of customers in different survey attributed a bad customer experience to having to explain their problem multiple times – a problem that integrated communications can solve3


69% of consumers reported that they judge the quality of their customer service interaction on the speed with which an issue is resolved4. An integrated communications solution can help improve the speed of resolution by providing real-time updates to communications, ensuring that every contact has accurate, detailed information that can be applied to solving problems for customers.


A recent study found the top benefits for personalizing the customer journey were increased engagement, improved customer experience, and increased conversion rates5. And McKinsey found that personalized communications can improve revenues from 10-30%6. However, the difficulty is creating personalized communications that are relevant and deliver value to the customer. Integrated communications improve messaging relevance by tying together cross-channel activities, allowing phone interactions to inform mobile messaging, or chatbots to adjust web advertising.


81% of consumers ranked brand trust as one of the top factors considered when making purchasing decisions. Key elements of building trust include consistency, accuracy, and knowledge7. Integrated communications help to improve consumer trust by making the customer journey more consistent, and presenting all employees as knowledgeable by providing access to accurate, updated customer information.

Creating a consistent, omnichannel customer experience is harder than ever – particularly with the number of channels available to consumers. However, with a platform for integrated communications, an enterprise can use real-time information about customer-brand interactions to improve the overall customer experience.

Implementing an integrated marketing solution can be a challenge, however. There are a number of technical concerns, such as the difficulty with combining data from different sources and integrating it into a single, user-friendly platform with a centralized data repository. Timelines are long, and key stakeholders often show resistance to large-scale change.

However, technological solutions are available that can accelerate the time frame to implementation, ensuring that a company can reap the benefits of integrated communications and improved customer experience as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to their business. Yellow Push is a platform for integrated communications, with a plug-and-play menu of pre-built components that can be used to customize a solution quickly based on industry and enterprise requirements. An intuitive, graphic interface makes integrated communications as easy as drag-and-drop.

Contact Identidad today, and learn how Yellow Push can help you implement integrated communications and improve business outcomes.


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How Integrated Communications Improve Customer Experience

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