Yellow Push, Superior Communications for 360 Strategies

Adapting to digital transformation is a challenge companies can overcome if they implement the right strategies. Yellow Push is the tool that paves the way for a company to differentiate itself before its clients.

In 2019, companies in sectors such as education and health, as well as call centers, will gain a competitive advantage by employing advanced technology, creating superior channels of communication, and offering personalized attention. At Yellow Push, we are demonstrating that we are a company with experience and knowledge in providing solutions to our clients, users and developers.

In the health sector, for example, we have the capacity to support patient monitoring, appointment management and alerts, reduce wait times, and offer more advantages to users and service providers alike. By contributing to good service, our platform improves the company-client relationship and increases customer loyalty.

We also have the potential to generate positive effects for call centers and BPO. After 20 years in the telecommunications industry, we understand clients and trends in this sector, enabling us to structure an attractive and competitive proposition as we move toward the future of this market. We appreciate the variations in their DNA, providing omnichannel solutions with the simplicity companies need when contacting consumers and offering their services.

In education, we are confident of meeting the expectations of our target audiences: high schools and universities. At the high school level, our goal is to strengthen the parent-school relationship, while in higher education, we seek to improve channels of communications in such areas as student wellbeing and implement omnichannel solutions that allow institutions to connect with new generations. How will we do this? By developing human talent with the flexibility to adapt to changing technology and market dynamics.
Our goal at Yellow Push is for industries to develop their processes with the omnichannel strategies we offer to obtain the benefits of digitalization and reach their clients more directly, cut costs and create a positive impression.

Yellow Push, Superior Communications for 360 Strategies

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