3 Tips for Effective Omnichannel Communications

Omnichannel is a strategy based on synchronization, where all channels are aligned to present a consistent, cohesive user experience. Omnichannel is the enterprise method of meeting rising customer expectations and improving customer satisfaction, to improve business outcomes.

This omnichannel communication may very well be a differentiator for companies, providing a competitive advantage to the businesses that channel their resources to support it. Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies1 retain an average 89% of their customers, compared to the average 33% retention for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.

Synchronized communications can be critical to win new business as well – a recent study found that 70% of customers said connected processes very important to winning their business.2

However, creating an omnichannel strategy can be a significant challenge. Businesses may have difficulties with a lack of resources, or technical skills required to make a working process. Omnichannel also requires the breaking down of departmental silos, promoting information sharing and collaboration, managing legacy applications, and standardizing data from different sources.

To create an effective omnichannel communications strategy, a company should consider:

1. Breakdown information silos.

Restructure internal teams so that information flows freely, and empower individual team members to resolve any and all customer issues on their own. This creates the foundation on which an omnichannel communications strategy can be built.

2. Become customer-driven.

Previously, an enterprise that focused on meeting customer needs were described as customer-focused. To survive and succeed, an enterprise must go beyond customer-focused and become customer-driven. Gaining a deep understanding of the customer, and applying that insight to all strategic decision-making for the business is critical to effective omnichannel

3. Find a fully-integrated omnichannel solution.

To get the job done, in the end, an enterprise must have the tools to do it. The right platform can help a company to overcome a lack of technical expertise required to build omnichannel from the ground up; as well as eliminating issues associated with integrating legacy infrastructure and data standardization. Yellow Push is a unified platform for omnichannel communications, tying together all types of customer communications: voice, SMS, messenger, chatbots and more. With a drag-and-drop, easy-to-use interface an enterprise can implement omnichannel communications strategies rapidly, seamlessly, to accelerate customer impact and improve business outcomes.




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3 Tips for Effective Omnichannel Communications

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